About Us

JAGO BISWA is committed to social justice, sustainable development and human rights. The right to communicate freely is a basic human right and a necessity for sustainable development. Access to informationis essential to informed decision-making at all levels.
JAGO BISWA is a NO.1 Consultant in India for non-profit sector. JAGO BISWA is focused on providing quality services in legal and corporate domains. We work on the principle of following its clients and being flexible in offering a complete bouquet of services to each client with a single contact point if possible. We have clustered our services to ensure that all complimentary requirements are available under one umbrella. “JAGO BISWA” is managed by a group of qualified professionals havingexpertise in NGO fields and management experts striving to achieve excellence in NGO service delivery. We take time understand our clients, the work they do and the areas they work in so that when we do intervene, our interventions are relevant, practical and meaningful.We help the Non Profit Sector to develop organizational Formation &strategies, Planning management, training and systems which include monitoring and evaluation, staff relationships, communication, team-working Raising funds, project managementand Formulation.
JAGO BISWA isalso Specialized in the development of cost-effective, leading edge web solutions and website development for every business size.JAGO BISWAhelps in ISO Certification,Company Formation. It is a NGO to help people to in Trade Mark Registration etc.
JAGO BISWA helps the poor students by giving free educations. It also helps people for free medical check-up through medical camps.  

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