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It would be worthy to mention here that we have started our journey as Bengali News Paper to highlight the problems and issues happening at rural area of West Bengal. We have seen the tug of war between agriculture and industry for utilisation of land. Of course these situations have given us a lot of learning and see closely the condition of farmers and the mind of young population living with them. It is no doubt that our weekly publication has got wide publicity and enormous support of rural people. Our newspaper is registered from R.N.I, Govt. of India.

Reading newspaper is a good habit that can provide a great sense of educational value. It carries information about politics, economy, entertainment, sports, business, industry, trade and commerce. With this habit, it will not only enhance knowledge about general information but it will likewise improve your language skills and vocabulary. Many people have habits of reading newspapers. Here are some of the benefits of reading our News Paper  “JAGO BISWA” with a caption ‘Towards Nation with Honesty.

  • JAGO BISWA carries the news all around the world.
  • Our Newspaper provides information and general knowledge.
  • Our Newspaper provides news about a country’s economic situation, sports, games, trade & commerce entertainment,.
  • Our newspaper makes the reader well informed. It enables reader to take part in every discussion pertaining to the world’s current events.
  • Reading our newspapers will improve our reader’s knowledge in general and it will be easy for you to relate to other people who often talks about current events and politics.
  • Through our newspapers, reader will have a clear idea and understanding of what is happening in our country and the whole world.

A front page of our News Paper of an issue is attached here.  We were pressurised to come to a frameworks as guidelines,  checklists for remembering and ways to communicate and organise things that can be good enough for many purposes. We know that the frameworks serve as a common language which facilitates people working together and should not be underestimated. Each language has its own names, strengths and limitations. We adopted the model to 3 items like people, process and systems. The urgent need of skill development was recognised in addition to our charitable works and traditional educational systems.

We organized a Blanket, Cloth & Books Distribution programs in frequent basis to the poor & distress people and students in Nadia & Howrah District. A Picture of such a programme of blankets distribution was held in Howrah for the poor & distress people. In the picture, Advocate Shubhabrata Dutta was distributing Blankets in our Blanket Distribution Program.

That a few names of legal persons in our Board those who are periodically attending these victims to bring them out of their problems through free consultancy and giving solutions to their problems in legal way. We are very much thankful for their social services beyond our main activities but the majority of population and quantum of problems require structured Legal Awareness Centers & regular basis Camps, which are operated by us with very positive results in all Districts in West Bengal.

As the programme is replicable hence we assure the society the facility of using our premises the living photo of which is attached for ready reference and further undertake to provide all cooperation from the members of our Board to make our efforts a grand success and facilitate the opportunity of easy access to judiciary for poor client specially the women in crisis. 
In such a Program organised by us in our premises, Sri Arnab Dutta, Honourable Civil Judge (Sr. Division), District & Session Court, Howrah and Secretary District Legal Service Authority, Howrah was present in the Legal Awareness Camp and he presented his valuable suggestions to the poor & legal unaware people at Hatgacha, Howrah.

      We have been running free Coaching Centers in different places in West Bengal. One of which started at Hatgacha, Banipur, in the District of Howrah in West Bengal for the poor educated students those who are going to face WBCS Examination. And another free Coaching Center is for poor children. This coaching center was inaugurated by Sri Arnab Dutta, Honourable Civil Judge ( Sr. Division ), District & Session Court, Howrah and Secretary District Legal Service Authority, Howrah.

We organize several tree plantation programs throughout the year in Malda & Howrah District as it is necessary to protect our environment. The president of “JAGO BISWA”, Mr. Uttiya Kundu was planting trees in one of such Programs in Malda. We often organise seminars to sentient the People of our Society about Global Warming & necessity of Tree Plantation.

Changing the lives of Children, youths & people of the Society is a continuous process. Nothing can be done in a limited period. As individuals we have to continue to give supports in all respects. We believe in continuity and devotion without deviation. Jago Biswa is doing just that. Work as worship, potential deviation and harmony of religions are three of the noteworthy ideals on which our organisation is based on. It is this ideal of service to man as service to God. We are very serious to reach the rural people with solution of some problems through our limited resources. The poverty of farmers was nourishing in the laps of illiteracy and there was urgent need of imparting education. The young generation was asking the value of education as there was few scope of employment.

We have started our social journey as reporting and publishing in our press. Some of our friends and reporters were very interested in visiting rural West Bengal. We are well aware about the pathetic condition of tribal population (Generally known as Santhali) of Maldah and the sufferings of their families and children appealed to all of our members to initiate some development works creating JAGO BISWA Maldah Chapter.

The District head quarter town is located 365 km. North of Kolkata and 260  km. South of Siliguri. It was early known as English Bazar as an English factory was established in 1771. Maldah is a base for visiting Gaur and Pandua. Gaur is a capital to three dynastic of ancient Bengal—The Buddhist Pals, The Hindus Sens and The Muslims Nawabs—has seen three distinct era of glory.

During 1oth century it was seat of prosperous cotton and silk industries. Rice, Jute, Legumes and Oilseeds were the chief crops of surrounding areas. Mulberry plantation and Mango orchards occupy large areas; mango and silk are the main economic activities.

The glorious part of Maldah is associated with the ruined city of Gaur and Pandua. Recently a survey released by Nobel laùreate Amartya Sen 47% of population in rural Bengal including Maldah are agriculture workers or daily workers and in non agriculture sector—they are at the bottom of the economic ladder. They are vulnerable and deprived of basic amenities, like tap water, drainage, electricity, education, health and right to equal opportunities. Hence mother and their children are helpless and young are playing on the tune of criminals. In this background as stated above the worst Socioeconomic condition of local people including farmers.

We started Educational Centers for downtrodden, distressed tribal santhals at 3 locations to provide care and education upto primary level schooling through sponsoring daily basis on education and nutrition and engaging the mothers in different socio economic activities sponsoring yearly basis. We are making them aware to promote self help group for realisation of their rights on health, education of their children and social justice.. In the same way at 2 different locations we established 2 free schools for the prosecution of studies at Begoon bari, Habibpur and Old Maldah Block.
West Bengal State Women’s Commission Chairperson, Mrs. Sunanda Mukherjee visited our School,  In this Picture, She was with our Students.

It would be worthy to mention here that Mr. Steven Derby obliged us through his visit in our last year Annual Event. We got opportunity to showcase our activities and the performances of children and tribal dances of their families. We do here appreciate his kindness and curiosity to know the condition and the difference being created with our efforts in lives of our children. We know that our small activities are developing in quantity and require quality addition with strategy for sustainability. It would be worthy to mention here that the children and their families are so innocent to treat Mr. Steven Derby as their Godfather and always ask about him and programme schedule of his next visit. Maybe they expect the generous and helping hands of Mr. Steven Derby visible at other centre minutes away from these centres.

During the Legal Aid activities, we have been able to reach individual visiting door to door services for making survey and have recognised that the population consisting Scheduled Caste, Minorities, Tribals are victims of their ignorance and poor reach to judiciary in and around the areas of West Bengal. 

District Court Maldah appreciated our efforts and set up a free Legal Aid Centre under DLSA (District Legal Service Association) at Begunbari School where we are conducting twice in a week free legal service for the poor and tribals. The inaugural event was attended by Hon’ble Chief Judicial Magistrate of Alipur Court, Mr. Pradip Ganguly.

Learning to draw will boost childs creativity and increase their self confidence. Simply put, we have got art curriculum covered, leaving them free to focus on other tasks. Our free drawing programme will teach the poor children to put their dreams and ideas on paper. Our aim is to share our Knowledge, understanding and experience of art to improve the childs artistic skills and to increase their enjoyment in creating artworks. 

Picnic is very necessary for children. It helps reduce the stress and anxiety related to studies. It allows kids to ease up from time to time. Children need time to develop social skills, children also need time alone to reflect on their surroundings and who they are. Communicating with others improves how we communicate with ourselves. Free picnic for our poor students enjoy good foods, which reflects in the picture here, held in Hatgacha, Howrah.

“It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice”.  That’s why we shall try our level best to watch our Country nice. All our activities are the effort to reach our country nicest. The above said activity report is a brief description of our efforts.

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